Luca Sandrini

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Luca Sandrini is a Postdoctoral Researcher at QSMS Research Group at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics and Management at the University of Padova (IT) under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Manenti in 2020. His research interests are Economics of Innovation, Industrial Organization, and Digital Economics.


Contact details

QA325, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, H-1117 Budapest.

Research interests

Applied Theory – Industrial Organisation; Economics of Innovation; Patents and Licensing; Digital Economics

Work in progress

  • Innovation, competition and incomplete adoption of a superior technology
  • Incentives for labor-augmenting innovation in vertical markets: the role of wage rate
  • Survey on Energy Communities and Electricity Demand Aggregators: an Italian Perspective

  • Is the Minimum Inventive Step Requirement for Patent Applications Welfare Improving? (with Fabio Manenti)

  • Selling Consumers Information: the Role of Firms’ Expectation (with Carlo Reggiani)