Members of the QSMS Research Group
Senior Research Fellows:
  • Imre Dobos (production/operations management, operations research, inventory management)
  • Béla Janky (ethnic stereotypes, acculturation, rational choice theory )
  • László Á. Kóczy (director; game theory, social choice theory, voting, energy economics)
  • Tamás Koltai (production planning and scheduling, production management, operations management)
  • István Szakadát (theory of action, game theory, digital culture)
  • Szabolcs Számadó (honesty of communication)
  • Gyula Zilahy (sustainable business models, sustainable development in business, sustainable consumption)
Research Fellows:
  • Fatma Aslan (matching theory, market design, social choice theory, voting, experimental economics)
  • Sreoshi Banerjee (queueing theory, auction theory, mechanism design cooperative game theory and information design)
  • Noémie Cabau (contract theory, network formation games)
  • Noé Ciet (industrial organization, digital economics, banking regulation and empirical banking)
  • Imre Dimény (linear programming sensitivity analysis, assembly line balancing)
  • Héctor Hermida Rivera (game theory, mechanism design, social choice theory and political economy)
  • Luca Sandrini (industrial organization, economics of innovation, patents and licensing)
  • Róbert Somogyi (microeconomic theory, industrial organization, digital economics)
  • Christopher Stapenhurst (microeconomic theory, applied statistics, environmental economics)