01 Apr: Li Nie (QSMS Seminar)

Li NiePresenting Social Integration and the Acculturation Game at 12:15-13:30 in QA406.

On 1st April 2019 we have Li Nie of University of Glasgow visiting us. She is going to give a seminar titled Social Integration and the Acculturation Game at 12:15-13:30 in room A406 in Building Q, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, 1117 Budapest. Sandwiches will be provided. Please register. Also see our Facebook event.

Abstract: We propose a game to study the cultural learning behavior of individuals from minority groups in the acculturation process, by which the individuals integrate themselves into a multicultural society. In the game, agents are endowed with certain levels of cultural knowledge of the society; the agents acquire cultural knowledge to improve their ability to coordinate with each other, but experience difficulties or/and acculturative stress in order to learn.
With difficulties in learning only, the agents endowed with low levels of cultural
knowledge learn while those endowed with high levels do not; and the opposite
is true for agents who experience only acculturative stress. The presence of both
difficulties in learning and stress leads to a ‘double-threshold strategy’, where the agents endowed with low and high levels of cultural knowledge do not learn, while the agents endowed with middle levels learn.
Many countries impose the tests of language, culture and history for candidates in acquiring citizenship. We show that this policy improves social welfare in most cases; in the cases where the policy does not improve social welfare, agents experience high levels of stress in learning.