Gyula Zilahy

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Contact details

QA229, Department of Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, H-1117 Budapest.

Research interests

Sustainable business models, sustainable development in business (sector), sustainable consumption

Selected publications
  • Dobes V, Fresner J, Krenn C, Ruzicka P, Rinaldi C, Cortesi S, Chiavetta C, Zilahy G, Kochanski M, Grevenstette P, de Graaf D, Dorer C (2017): Analysis and exploitation of resource efficiency potentials in industrial small and medium-sized enterprises – Experiences with the EDIT Value Tool in Central Europe, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 159: pp. 290-300.
  • Zilahy, G. (2016): Sustainable business models – What Do Management Theories Say?
    Vezetéstudomány, 47(10), pp.62–72.
  •  G. Harangozó, G. Zilahy (2014): Cooperation between business and non-governmental
    organizations to promote sustainable development, Journal of Cleaner Production, 89:
    pp. 18-31.
  • G. Zilahy, A. Széchy, Á. Zsóka, Z. M. Szerényi, G. Harangozó, M. Csutora (2014):
    Sustainability management or risk management? Critical assessment of green supply
    chain management, In: 17th European Roundtable on Sustainable Production and
    Consumption – ERSCP 2014
  • G. Zilahy, R. Bürger, G. Harangozó, J. Rockel A. Széchy (2014): Financing Resource
    Efficiency in SMEs, ERSCP conference, October, 2014, Portoroz, Slovenia
  • G. Zilahy, Á. Zsóka (2012): Sustainable Consumption in Central and Eastern Europe – a
    Survey, SCORAI workshop, May, 2012, Bregenz, Austria
  • G. Harangozó, G. Zilahy (2011): Cooperation Between NGOs and the Corporate Sector
    Towards Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption Conference, January,
    2011, Budapest, Hungary
  • G. Zilahy, Á. Zsóka, S. Luda (2011): Integration of Business Activities into Regional
    Sustainability Initiatives. Sustainable Consumption Conference, January, 2011,
    Budapest, Hungary
  • G. Zilahy (2011): Opportunities for Corporate-NGO Cooperation (Vállalati és civil
    együttműködés lehetőségei), conference paper in Hungarian, Waste Management in a
    Sustainable World, May, 2011, Visegrád, Hungary
  • Ferrer-Balas, D., Lozano, R., Huisingh, D., Buckland, H., Ysern, P., Zilahy, G. (2010): Going
    Beyond the Rhetoric: System-wide Changes in Universities for Sustainable Societies,
    Journal of Cleaner Production, 18 (7), pp. 607-610.
Ph.D. students
  • Gergely Szűcs (Corvinus University, 2015)
  • Anna Széchy (Corvinus University, 2012)
  • Kinga Biró (BME FESS, expected: 2022)
  • Barbara Kitti Fetter (BME FESS, expected: 2020)
  • Petra Soltész (BME FESS, expected: 2020)
    Research projects for students
    • The role of new, innovative business models in realizing sustainable development
    • Sustainability targets of companies – where to go now?
    • The sustainability aspects of consumerism