István Szakadát

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Graduated as mathematical engineer in 1982, and as a sociologist in 1985. He got his PhD in Sociology in 1999. From 1987 he is working for the Technical University of Budapest as a teacher at the Department of Sociology. During his academic career he was CD-ROM editor and developer for IDG Hungary between 1994 and 1997, and adviser, finally chief scientist for Hungarian Telekom between 1997 and 2004. From 2002 he participated in a lot of R&D-projects like Web of Words (developing deep web search engine based on semantic-like standards) and Data Riddle (building a web traffic analyzer for the largest Hungarian portal). He designed the metadata model of National Audiovisual Archive (2005) and the open archive based architecture for the Hungarian National Digital Archive (2003-2004). In 2005-2006 he was the leader of a big national R&D Consortium called MEO. The most important objective of the MEO project was to build a top ontology and to form an ontology infrastructure. In 2009 he joined the ENCOMPASS 2.0 team, and he is responsible for the portal development. In 2007 he published a book about the new media (‘All in One‘), and in 2008 another one about the theory of action. Recently, he is trying to develop a formal approach of the theory of action. >>download_CV logo

Contact details

E.714, Department of Sociology and Communication, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Egry J. u. 1., H-1111, Budapest.

Research interests
Social choice theory, political geography. game theory, reciprocity theory, theory of
action, digital culture, media history
Selected publications
  • Markovich, Réka, Szakadát István, Hamp, Gábor. Elliptical Lists in Legislative Texts. In: Proceedings of Fifteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2015), pp. 192-195.
  • Szakadát István. Hidden Patterns of Reciprocity. JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY 345: pp. 92-98. (2014).
  • Szántó, Zoltán, Szakadát István. Physicists, stamp collectors, human mobility forecasters. CORVINUS JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL POLICY I:(2) pp. 129-154. (2010).
  • Szakadát István, Szőts Miklós, Gyepesi György. MEO Ontology Infrastructure. In: Magyar Gábor, Knapp Gábor, Wita Wojtkowski, Gregory Wojtkowski, Jozef Zupancic, Stanislaw Wrycza (szerk.) Advances in Information Systems Development: New Methods and Practice for the Networked Society, Proceedings Information Systems Development.Springer, pp. 369-377.
  • Tikk Domonkos, Kardkovács Zsolt Tivadar, Magyar Gábor, Babarczy Anna, Szakadát István. Natural Language Question Processing for Hungarian Deep Web Searcher. In: Wilfried Elmenreich, J Tenreiro Machado, Imre J Rudas (szerk.) Intelligent Systems at the Service of Mankind 2. Augsburg: UBooks, 2006. pp. *-14.
  • Dezső Z, Almaas E, Lukács A, Rácz B, Szakadát I, Barabási A -L. The Dynamics of Information Access on the Web: Fifteen Minutes of Fame. PHYSICAL REVIEW E – STATISTICAL NONLINEAR AND SOFT MATTER PHYSICS 73:(6) pp. 1-6. Paper 066132. (2006).
  • Szakadát István, Lois László, Knapp Gábor. New Methods for Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Dublin Core Metadata Standard Using Complex Encoding Schemes. In: Vasilecas O, Caplinskas A, Wojtkowski G, Wojtkowski W, Zupancic J, Wrycza S, O. Vasilecas, A. Caplinskas, G. Wojtkowski, W. Wojtkowski, J. Zupancic, S. Wrycza (szerk.) Information System Development: Advances in Theory, Practice, and Education. Springer, pp. 365-375.
  • Szakadát István, Knapp Gábor. New Document Concept and Metadata Classification for Broadcast Archives. In: Nilsson A G et al. Anders G Nilsson, Remigijus Gustas, Wita Wojtkowski, Stanislaw Wrycza, Joze Zupancic (szerk.) Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD’ 2005): Bridging the Gap between Academia & Industry. Karlstad,.Springer, pp. 193-202.
  • Péter Halácsy, András Kornai, László Németh, András Rung, István Szakadát, Viktor Trón. Creating open language resources for Hungarian. In: Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC2004). 2004, pp. 203-210.
  • István Szakadát. Cadre Rotation. PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA-HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 2:(2) pp. 133-151. (1994).
Work in progress
  • Deontic logical analysis of traffic law (Réka Markovich, Gábor Hamp)
  • Top ontology of social action
  • Designing, building national name space based on data of national memory institutions
  • Reading between columns (what database means from a communication theory point of views)
Ph.D. students
  • László Barkóczy (PTE, 2011)
  • Tamás Tóth (BCE, 2021)
Research projects for students
  • Social choice theory and its applications: political geography.
  • Game theory, reciprocity theory
  • Theory of action, top ontology of social action
  • Challenges of national memory institutions in the digital world