Imre Dobos

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Dr. Dobos started his carrier as economic analyst at the Institute of Water Management, Budapest in 1986. At this time he has begun to investigate environmental problems. Than he has changed in the academic sector to Budapest University of Economic Sciences. His research field was the quantitative modeling of management and inventory problems. In 1991 he has published the first article with impact factor. In 1993 he has moved to practice, as project manager at the Hungarian Telecommunicatiosn Company Ltd. Between 1994 and 2000 he has taught and researched in German universities in Frankfurt (Oder) and Bielefeld. His research interest was the environmental effects of production systems. With German colleagues he has published a number articles. In 2001 he has returned to Hungary. In Corvinus Universitiy of Budapest he has continued to work on environmental problems of supply chains. In 2018 he has changed to Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Prof. Dobos has over 20 publications in Web of Science, where the number of citations are over 430. >>>download_CV

Contact details
  • QA222, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Magyar Tudósok Körútja 2. H-1117 Budapest.
Research Interests
  • Inventory management and control, reverse logistics, sustainability in logistics and supply chain management, application of operations research in business
Selected publications
  • Tokmergenova, M., Bánhidi, Z., Dobos, I.: Analysis of I-DESI dimensions of the digital economy development of the Russian Federation and EU-28 using multivariate statistics , EKONOMIKA, 2021, 37(2), pp. 189–204
  • Dobos, I., Vörösmarty, G.: Supplier selection: comparison of DEA models with additive and reciprocal data, CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH, 2021, 29(2), pp. 447–462
  • Dobos, I., Vörösmarty, G.: Green supplier selection using a common weights analysis of DEA and EOQ types of order allocation, MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS, 2021, 42(3), pp. 612–621
  • Bánhidi, Z., Dobos, I., Tokmergenova, M.: Russia’s Place Vis-à-Vis the EU28 Countries in Digital Development: A Ranking Using DEA-Type Composite Indicators and the TOPSIS Method, SPRINGER PROCEEDINGS IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, 2021, pp. 135–146
  • Dobos, I., Urbanovics, A., Sasvári, P.:  A comparative analysis of business and economics publication performance in the Visegrad Group of countries, Austria and Romania, REGIONAL STATISTICS, 2021, 61(6), pp. 739–768
  • Dobos, I., Michalkó, G., Sasvári, P.:  The Publication Performance of Hungarian Economics and Management Researchers: A Comparison with the Visegrád 4 Countries and Romania, REGIONAL STATISTICS, 2021, 11(2), pp. 165–182
  • Gelei A, Dobos I, Sugár A: Bevezetés a diadikus adatelemzésbe, STATISZTIKAI SZEMLE 92: (5) pp. 417-446. 2014
  • Pishchulov G, Dobos I, Gobsch B, Pakhomova N, Richter K: A vendor–purchaser economic lot size problem with remanufacturing, ZEITSCHRIFT FUR BETRIEBSWIRTSCHAFT: ZFB 84: pp. 749-791. 2014
  • Dobos Imre, Vörösmarty Gyöngyi: Green supplier selection and evaluation using DEA-type composite indicators, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 157: pp. 273-278. 2014
  • Dobos Imre, Tallos Péter: A Dynamic Input-Output Model with Renewable Resources, CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 21: (2) pp. 295-305. 2013
  • Dobos Imre, Knut Richter: A production/recycling model with quality considerations, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 104: pp. 571-579. 2006
  • Dobos Imre, Knut Richter: An extended production/recycling model with stationary demand and return rates, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 90: pp. 311-323. 2004
  • Dobos Imre: Optimal production-inventory strategies for a HMMS-type reverse logistics system, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 81-82: (Special Issue) pp. 351-360. pp. 351-360. 2003
  • Dobos Imre, Knut Richter: The Integer EOQ Repair and Waste Disposal Model: A Further Analysis, CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 8: pp. 174-193. 2000
  • Knut Richter, Dobos Imre: Analysis of the EOQ Repair and Waste Disposal Problem with Integer Setup Numbers, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 59: pp. 463-467. 1999
Work in progress
Ph.D. students
  • Zsófia Jámbor (Corvinus University, expected: 2020)
  • Gabriella Baksa-Haskó (Corvinus University, 2015)
Research projects for students
  • Linear models in production theory and production design
  • Topics in dynamic economic modelling