May 13: Jinglei Huang (QSMS Seminar)

Jinglei Huang (Tsinghua University) will present the paper “The Shapley Value and the Nucleolus of a Two-Sided Platform Game ” on May 13th at 10:30 AM online.

MS Teams (click here to join) (Meeting ID: 389 673 827 294 Passcode: pezarH)


The paper introduces a new coalitional game with transferable utility — called a two-sided platform game. The participation of the platform user on one side benefits the other side, and the platform can be established if and only if there is more than one entrepreneur. Well-known point solutions and set solutions are investigated. It turns out that the kernel and the nucleolus coincide, and both the Shapley value and the nucleolus have simple expressions. The paper sheds light on platforms and antitrust issues. When there is more than one platform entrepreneur, the utility share of each entrepreneur is relatively low in both point solutions.