QSMS hosts guest scientist Tamás Bódai

We are delighted to let everyone know that our research group will host a guest scientist Tamás Bódai in the following few months.

Tamás is a Young Scientist Fellow of the Institute for Basic Science, Korean, and a research professor of Pusan National University. He is working on various aspects of the forced — mainly man-made — change of the climate system, utilising climate ensemble simulations. His special interests are in teleconnections (like the remote connection of the Indian summer monsoon and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation in the Pacific Ocean); extreme events (precipitation, floods, wet-bulb globe temperature, heat waves, etc.) and bifurcations (e.g. the potential collapse of the Greenland ice sheet).

With Prof László A. Kóczy, Tamás will explore future climate scenarios using a self-developed climate emulator which can be coupled with so-called Integrated Assessment Models (IAM), and investigate the effects of competition and cooperation. Tamás’ special interest is regarding geoengineering, namely, its potential role in a climate policy mix, possibly regulated internationally.

Please feel free to go round his room or contact him by email (bodai@pusan.ac.kr, bodait@yahoo.com) in order to have/arrange for a discussion. All points of view are welcome! — Tamás is a believer in interdisciplinary research, and an engineering graduate himself.