Somogyi @ SING16 conference

Robert Somogyi will present his paper on July 1 at the European Meeting on Game Theory (SING16), organized by the Departament of Economics of the Universidad de Granada.

He will present a paper titled ‘Deceptive Products on Platforms’, joint work with Johannes Johnen (CORE, UCLouvain).


The history of the SING conferences dates back to 1983 with the first 13 meetings being held in Italy. Since 2001, when Spanish scholars got involved in the organization, the conferences take place on regular annual base. The acronym SING was introduced in 2005 when scholars from the Netherlands joined. Today the conference series is called the ”European Meeting on Game Theory” after in 2014 scholars from Poland got involved in the organization of a SING meeting for the second time. However, it was decided to keep also the acronym SING. Hence, SING16 in 2020 is the 16th European Meeting on Game Theory since the acronym SING got introduced and the 29th meeting since the first meeting in Italy. It will be the first time ever that ”The European Meeting on Game Theory” will take place in Germany.