5 Dec: Martin Zagar (QSMS Seminar)

Presenting Digital transformation at 11:30-12:30 in QA403. (Notice the unusual time and venue!)

On 5th December 2018 we have Martin Zagar of RIT Croatia visiting us. He is going to give a seminar titled Digital transformation at 11:30-12:30 in room A403  in Building Q, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, 1117 Budapest.

Abstract: In this short research talk there will be addressed some good examples of digital transformation, both in sphere of public e-services (like National Identification, Authentication and Authorization System as a base for e-Citizen portal; National Student Identification Card covering all student data and needs, and National e-Health System with integrated primary, secondary and hospital healthcare) and research projects like Carewell project (where ICTs facilitate the coordination and communication of healthcare professionals and support patient-centered delivery of integrated healthcare to frail elderly patients through comprehensive multidisciplinary programmes) and MIDOM – Medical Imaging and Diagnostics on the Move (the main idea behind this project is to make it easier for the doctors and medical specialists to share and consult with each other and other medical experts in order to get a precise diagnosis before starting a medical procedure). Our current research is also oriented towards enabling Smart Cities and adoptive Smart Air Monitoring where our idea is to have the solar glider flying over the city at higher altitudes controlled by preprogrammed set of algorithms – when detecting areas of interest, it will send a launch code to the drone in the vicinity to conduct 3D mapping of pollutant concentrations in that area. Last two topics are connected with two seminars I will be holding for students – Blockchain for business and Sharing economy – as a current state-of-the-art in digital transformation applications. What all abovementioned projects have in common is that business model was shifted by using IT technologies making project outcomes and applications more available to public and business users.