Leanne Streekstra

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Leanne Streekstra is a Postdoctoral Researcher at QSMS Research Group at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She completed her Ph.D. in June 2021 at the University of Southern Denmark under the supervision of Peter Sudhölter.

Contact details

QA325 Quantitative Social and Management Sciences Research Group Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, BME Building Q, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, H-1117, Budapest, Hungary.

E-mail: leanne.streekstra@gtk.bme.hu

Research interests

Game Theory, Mechanism design, Social Choice Theory

Working Papers
  • Stable source connection and assignment problems as multi-period shortest path problems (with Christian Trudeau)
  • Sharing pollution responsibilities in a supply chain: On upstream responsibility games
  • Core constraints when scheduling with deadlines (with Christian Trudeau)
  • On the nucleolus of irreducible minimum cost spanning tree games
Works in Progress
  • Climate coalition formation in continuous time (with Robert Schmidt)
  • On the timing of moves in two-player games (with Larry Karp, Robert Schmidt and Leo Simon)
  • Continuous-time games with a first-mover advantage (with Robert Schmidt)